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+ About Will

high energy &
intimate moments 
that last a lifetime

I believe honest imagery is what makes beautiful photographs and films. My goal is to create timeless, meaningful images that stand the test of time.

Photography/filmmaking —like many other things one does in life—is the exact expression of who one is at a given moment: every time you compose and release the shutter you give voice to your thoughts and opinions of the world around you . . . I would recommend working to become a more developed and informed individual, a more knowledgeable and engaged citizen. This will translate into a deeper more complex understanding of the world around you, and ultimately into a richer and more meaningful photography/films.

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+ Client Love

"By the end of our wedding, Will wasn't just our videographer - he was our friend who celebrated us as well as the rest of our friends and family. He pin pointed my husband and I's personalities so quickly and captured the exact moments we hoped would be preserved forever. Coming from the entertainment industry, I am so picky about cinematic and dramatic effect and it was like he could read my mind! He is such a visionary and truly created magic on our most important day."


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