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"Finding inspiration, technique and prominence in a sea of talent can be overwhelming, but people like Fryar are proof that a major key to managing it is in the discovery of a smaller community."

- The State Press -

"Gorgeous photography throughout, great venue, STUNNING couple"

- Rock N Roll Bride -

"Some of his most captivating work incorporates the natural beauty of his surroundings, both persons and sceneries." 

- -

"After Fryar, a filmmaker who emerged as a leader of this growing community of photographers, has posted a film photo on his Instagram, one of his 13,000 followers sees it, questions how he got a certain aesthetic, and begins experimenting with an analog camera to post his or her own film shots on the app."

- Phoenix New Times -

"Directed by Will Fryar, Masters of None follows a group of friends through the marvels of the Grandfather Ranger District of Pisgah National Forest on a gravel route traversing Wilson’s Creek, Linville Gorge, and Lake James. "

- -

"Our next film, directed by Will Fryar, reveals the marvels of the Blue Ridge Mountains...Us locals know there's a special pocket of vast wilderness that never disappoints. It starts with a journey along a wild, scenic river and escalates to heights that put you in front of ancient wonders."

- Kitsbow Cycling -

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